How Do Rangefinders Work: Ultimate Information of 2020

How Do Rangefinders Work

Today we will present the details of rangefinder on this content. If we say exactly, we’re going to discuss how do rangefinders work. Many golfers think that rangefinder is only best for beginner golfers.


However, it is true, but the experts also can use a tool to get the perfect distance while golfing. Usually, the experts use rangefinders on their practice time and enrich their measurement skills.


Mostly, rangefinders are best for the new golfers because they can use them for a different purpose. They can do many things besides the distance measurement part. Now the question is how you will work with the rangefinder. Also, you may want to know the working process of a rangefinder.

Sometimes the beginner golfer asks that is a rangefinder helpful for taking a golf course. So, here we will try to answer all of the questions. First of all, there are three types of rangefinders available: laser, GPS, and optical rangefinder.

Among the three, GPS tools and laser are best and show an accurate result. But the optical tools do not show the exact output all the time like another two rangefinders.

Now let’s talk about how these rangefinders work. Usually, rangefinder plays a vital role in the golf game. When you are in the first golf stage, beginners can trust the rangefinder during their practicing time.

Moreover, many rangefinders provide more features that would be very helpful for you. So, stay with us till the end of this content to know what does a rangefinder do.

The Rangefinder of Laser Technology

First, let’s talk about laser rangefinders. It is the most famous golf rangefinder all over the world. Most people like laser rangefinder because they can use it for any golf course. Usually, the GPS rangefinder is very fast than one laser rangefinder.

That is why GPS is not suitable for new golfers. Moreover, you have to preload the local maps of golf courses in GPS rangefinders. When you run a course then this map will help you a lot. But sometimes, your GPS tool may be unable to find the golf course in a database.

In this case, you will face a big problem. That means there will be a limitation in your GPS rangefinder.

On the other hand, laser rangefinder has no drawback. One can use it in every course and get the perfect distance measurement quickly.

We know both rangefinders work to measure the distance of the player from the target hole. Honestly, it helps a lot fix how far and hard the players will hit the golf ball.

How Does One Laser Rangefinder Work?

Now let’s talk about the working procedure of one laser rangefinder. To use your laser rangefinder, you have to point the tool at the goal and squeeze its trigger. Then you will see a laser ray to the future target.

After a minute, you will get the reading of your distance. That is very easy and fast to measure your distance from the target. You do not need to rely on any map or something. Indeed, without any map, it shows the exact result as well.

Besides, you will get many models in a laser tool. The latest models are reliable, user friendly, and accurate. Here, our advice is going for the Bushnell laser tools. The top-selling tool of Bushnell is the Laser Golf Rangefinder of Tour Z6.

That is great to lock your target easily. Another piece of advice is never going for the cheap rangefinders. Usually, cheap tools do not provide the best result while locking the target. So, it could be a big hassle for you. Even you will not get the accurate distance reading as well.

Optical Rangefinders

Firstly, the optical rangefinders are not that much popular as the GPS or laser rangefinder. But the performance of this rangefinder is terrific. The most exciting part is this rangefinder has some lenses with updated features. If you notice at the end of your device, then you will see the lenses.

Now let’s talk about what all the lenses do. Usually, the lenses of the optical rangefinders are beneficial to get the right target. First, you have to zoom the lenses to get a clear view. Then use the scale and fix the pin.

After that, convert the pin and get the accurate distance. One thing you have to keep in mind that always be aware of fixing your target. The better target will provide you a better and exact distance measurement.

GPS Rangefinders

From the above, you already know that GPS rangefinder technology has some limitations. First, you have to pay a subscription fee per month. Another drawback of this device is that it can only work through the satellite signal.

Most golfers consider this rangefinder as a faster device. It is true, but it requires many things to work. First, one has to download different types of local maps. When one wants to get the distance of the next target, then target at the point.

After that, you have to press the device’s trigger. The GPS rangefinders store all the maps of different golf courses. That is why it has all the distance and hole information from before. As a result, it can perform quickly and show your output fast.

In this GPS device, you have only to fix your target then your device will show the accurate result automatically. Indeed, the operating system of the GPS rangefinder is easy and faster too.

Lastly, there are many models available in GPS. So, you can select anyone according to the device’s popularity and your budget. And here you learned how does a golf rangefinder work with an optical option.

Laser Rangefinder

Now it is time to talk about Laser rangefinder technology. First of all, we want to say that it is a very popular rangefinder. You do not need to download any maps. Even when you will be out of your state or in new places is a great reason to become this rangefinder popular.

Most importantly, this rangefinder does not require any subscription fees per month. However, one has to pay an initial cost when you buy it. So, most people consider this rangefinder as an affordable device. Usually, the laser device works through laser technology. That is why you will get the reading of your distance very easily and fast.

From the above, you already know about laser technology, but now we will present the details. Hopefully, it will provide you a clear idea of laser technology. First, a laser device uses a technology that comes with the autofocus camera.

One autofocus camera provides a laser ray to focus on the target. First, the laser ray hits your target and then reflects again to your camera. After that, the sensor of the camera detects the distance measurement.

Another fantastic thing about how a laser rangefinder works is that it comes with a chip. That measures the time of calculating distance. Lastly, our advice is that go for the new model of autofocus laser tech.

Hopefully, it will provide you a fantastic result than the old autofocus tech. This is how do rangefinders work with the laser option.

Is Laser Rangefinder Accurate?

Now there is a question: Is a Laser Rangefinder Accurate? Most golfers ask the same question when they think about buying a rangefinder. And the question is that does a tool shows accurate results. Here, we will talk about the laser tool that also utilizes the autofocus camera.

Here, also the laser ray reaches the target and then reflect the rangefinder. After that, you will get the accurate distance of your desired target. Moreover, the laser ray works at a light speed; that is why you get the result fast.

Sometimes it takes only a minute to show the result. That is why most golfers prefer this laser tool. However, technology is updating gradually, so the new tool provides a better result than the previous tech.

Also, the result of new version tools is more accurate. If you want to buy laser tech, then make sure the latest version of a machine. That’s how does a rangefinder work with accuracy.

The Drawbacks of Laser Rangefinder

Every device has some drawbacks. So, there will be some laser rangefinder limitations to the laser tool as well. Firstly, all the models of rangefinders come with the feature of range rating. One can quickly get the details of the tool from such kinds of ratings.

Most importantly, you will quickly get how far your tool’s ray can reach. Most of the models have a limit of 400-500 yards. But if you go for the high price, then you will get the facilities of 800-1000 yards.

Although the range of the yards does not prove that the device is more powerful, the class of the software and hardware display how powerful is your tool. The costly rangefinders come with the tech of top-notch. This tech is excellent to shows an accurate result.

Moreover, top-notch tech can fight with the obstacles while measuring the distance. And provide an accurate result in the grassy field.

But the low-price device cannot fight with the brush and trees. As a result, it cannot show the exact distance result all the time. So, these drawbacks effect on how do golf rangefinders work.

Which Type of Rangefinder is Right for You?

We hope that from the above, you already know about the different types of a tool. But the question is which rangefinder will be right for one. Selecting the right tool is quite tricky and debatable.

The users of GPS tools tell that it shows an accurate result.  Even most of the users like this tool due to the existent of golf course maps. But here we have found out one drawback of the GPS machine.

All the GPS tools do not update their databases regularly. As a result, one may get wrong readings if the golf courses become change. On the other hand, laser tools can work everywhere as it does not depend on the maps.


FAQs & Answers Section

What Golf Rangefinder Should I Buy?

You should buy one of the below-said Golf Rangefinders in 2020:

  • Best Overall: Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt.
  • Second Best: Nikon Coolshot 20i Golf Laser Rangefinder.
  • Popular Choice: TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder.
  • Great For The Price: Raythor Golf Rangefinder.

Which Rangefinder is Most Popular?

Which device is popular? It is one of the common questions that come when a golfer wants to buy a tool. We have checked plenty of reviews on different tools. But we have selected one for you, and that is the Bushnell tool.

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First, it comes with JOLT tech. JOLT is an updated feature that alerts the golfer by vibrating. Usually, it will remind you after locking the target. Also, you will get many models of Bushnell tools in the market. You can select anyone as stated by the features.

Do Expert Golfers Use Rangefinders?

Usually, the expert golfers do not use a rangefinder when they play in a game. But you may often see that they use such kind of device during practicing. Last but not least, one can use a tool in the training period. It will be beneficial to know the ways to get an accurate distance reading.

Can One Use a Designed Rangefinder for Golf Hunting?

Yes, you can use it. Even many primary tools provide extra features for both golf and hunting. Usually, the golfers want to get an accurate distance reading from the rangefinder. Also, they always want their machine will fight with the different types of obstacles.

So that they can get accurate results in every situation, if you get the exact output, then the model of your tool is perfect for golf hunting as well. So, you have to go for the right golf features that will also be perfect for hunting.

Is the Tournament of Rangefinder Legal?

The answer is both no and yes. Firstly, the feature of the slope is not legal for the game. But if your tool has an option to turn off the part of the slope, then you can join a match.

The feature of the slope makes the distance reading more accurate. As a result, the match does not allow a tool with slope features. Lastly, you have to check every condition of the game before you start playing.

Final Thoughts

Now we are at the end of the content regarding how do rangefinders work, and we hope that you will able to select a rangefinder. You can choose any one among the different models.

But we think you will get a better output from the laser device. Here we have tried to answer all of the questions. First of all, there are three types of rangefinders available: laser, GPS, and optical rangefinder.

Among the three, GPS tools and laser are best and show an accurate result. But the optical tools do not show the exact output all the time like another two rangefinders. So, think about it and buy a suitable tool for you.

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