What is the best golf ball for beginners? 2020 Guides

what is the best golf ball for beginner

What is the best golf ball for beginners or what kind of golf ball a beginner should use? It’s a common question among the beginners golfers. Once I used to ask this question to people around me and searched a lot in search engines.  Still, this is a question about which golf is best for beginners and also, there are a lot of articles on google and really everything I found useful. A few days ago, I took a decision that I would make a best article on this, I researched a lot, and yes, finally I made it.

The best golf ball for beginner

In this section, I will introduce you to those best golf balls which I’m going to describe.

1       Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

2       Callaway Supersoft

3       Srixon AD333

4       Callaway ERC Soft

5       Pinnacle Soft

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls: This is 2 pieces golf ball and it has an ionomer cover. Two pieces golf ball has made especially for beginners. I always use dt truesoft ball and really I like this very much but I can ensure you that Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls is little better than it.

Compared to other balls like the ProV1 and ProV1x, this ball is so much softer; it has the largest core which helps you to make more speed into it. One more thing that this ball is not only for beginners, I found this great also for the mid-high handicappers. Distance is awesome, A beginner undoubtedly can hit 100 yards away off the tee.

One more important thing that you can spin it to wedge with a short iron. When you hit it with your iron you will get Penetrating Trajectory and Consistent Flight with responsive feel.

If you are a beginner and if you need a soft feel and would like to break 100 consistently off the tee then it would be a better option for you.


Super soft

Great distance with spin

Penetrating Trajectory and Consistent Flight

responsive feel

great control with drives


Quite pricey

Callaway Supersoft: this is an incredibly supersoft ball with straight long distance. It has an ultra-low compression core which increases speed and accuracy. Drag HEX Aerodynamics are optimized to reduce drag, so that the ball can fly higher.

You will get better speed with accuracy for its ultra-low compression core and also better feel and the most amount of greenside control for its softer Trigonometry cover formulation.  Callaway supersoft balls have a variety of colors like white, matt orange, matt pink, yellow; I personally like yellow because it is easier to spot and less possibility to lose in the green.

For the player who has a slower swing speed and wants to maximize distance off the tee, these balls might be the best choice and as a 2 piece golf ball, it will be helpful for beginner and high-handicappers also.


Best feel and control

Maximum distance with a slow swing speed

Ionomer cover materials with a soft feel.

Excellent durability


low spin

price bit high


Srixon AD333: Srixon AD333 is another dominant product. It is the best selling golf ball in the UK market. This ball has 338 dimples which reduce the drug and give the ball more aerodynamics speeds.

it has a little soft feeling with low compression and when you putting and chipping with it, you will have pretty soft sound. Its large energetic growth core reduces a little compression and spin, so the ball can flies higher. 

This ball has no better spin than other balls but if you want great distance and high accuracy around the green then no doubt it would be a great value.


Great distance &  durability

Great feel on short

Price is great


Spin control not so good

Ball can cut easily


Callaway ERC Soft: ERC is another tour/distance longest soft golf ball of Callaway. This multi-material hybrid cover will give you better speed, higher spin with excellent control on the green. 

Triple Track alignment Technology is used that will work as a game-changer in your game. It’s not as soft as the Callaway super soft but less clicky than other premium balls and finally, you will enjoy your game. 

Also, you do not have too much spin like other balls but if you are a beginner, high handicapper or you have a slow swing speed then for having a great distance with a high flight straight short you may select it.


Great distance with the soft feel

Game changer around the green

Best feel off the wedge

Line up easy on the tee


Many drive with a weird trajectory. 

Little harder than chrome soft ball


Pinnacle Soft: Pinnacle is a Reputable brand in all other companies & awarded the Silver Rating on Golf Digest’s 2018 Hot List for its excellent performance and price. 

For its low compression core, you will get a soft feel and low spin with long-distance.

These balls are designed with advanced icosahedral  332 dimples which reduce drag and will give your ball ideal, consistent flight. For its lots of dimple, you also will have long durability.

This ball is softer than some other pro balls because a soft ionomer cover is used that will provide you extremely soft feel off the putter


Soft feel

Responsive around the green and irons 

More durable like pro balls

Well price


Not have 


Buying guides of what is the best golf ball for beginners

Compression: compression is another interesting thing in golf balls. There are low, middle, and high compression golf balls. How much a ball flexes on impact is called compression. 

The compression measuring scale starts from 0 and ends at 200. The 0 is the lower compression golf ball. Low compression golf ball advantage is on impact it springs back against the face. 

Most beginners possess lower swing speed, That’s why our advice is to go with low compression golf balls as these types of golf balls give more distance at low swing speeds. 

Dimples: you also should pay attention to golf ball dimples. Golf balls spin depend on its dimple. Deeper dimple gives a higher spin rate for that ball flies further and higher. 

Most importantly, the beginners should buy a low spin golf ball because it provides high distance at a lower spin rate. On the contrary high spin golf balls require more control and experience so that high professional players use it.

Durability: golf balls have an outer cover which is made from ionomer or urethane and surlyn. Urethane cover is more softer than surlyn cover and it allows the ball to successfully grip against the grooves on the golf club.

 Surlyn cover is harder and it is generally used for more distance. Without changing the quality of the exterior of the ball it allows the balls to take more punishment

Price: A beginner should consider foremost the price of the golf balls. we believe as a beginner, you are not very skillful on constancy and accuracy, so for that, you can easily lose a dozen golf balls to the hazard. And of course, you don’t like to sink your hard-earned money on expensive golf balls. In this regard, our suggestion to you goes with low priced golf balls.

Construction: there is a lot of talk about golf ball construction and the number in the golf balls but in simple I would like to let you know that pieces are the numbers of layers in a golf ball. There are various types of pieces of golf balls. that’s are:

  • One piece: this ball is made of surlyn and it is much harder than other pieces golf balls. except for value offers and range balls, it’s very rare nowadays, You will only find it at mini-golf putting golf courses.
  • Two pieces: these balls are harders and have a firmer ionomer or surlyn cover. As their primary feature, they provide distance with a focus on durability.
  • Three pieces: generally these balls are softer and they provide a perfect balance between spin, price, feel, and distance. On these styles of balls, every brand has its own style which delivers different characteristics. But this likes to be the most rounded group for beginners to choose from.
  • Four and five pieces: relatively these balls recently added to the market and aim to deliver an intangible combination of feel and distance. The research and technology that goes into these balls are unbelievable.and this reflexed in the price! We cannot say, beginners couldn’t be benefited from these balls but maybe it would be very expensive.

 best golf balls for seniors

Final words: what is the best golf ball for beginners sometimes it’s tough to say as some beginners have low swing speed and some are high. 

But Remember one thing that golf balls have different qualities and these are suitable for different players. For long game beginners usually want to maximize their distance. so they need a ball which will be soft and compress more when it’s hit by their swing. 

Keep in mind that When you are buying a golf ball, you are not buying just a ball as well as you are buying a companion which will be part of your game. So buy a ball that will not hurt you.

For this purpose, in this whole article, we have tried foremost to list those golf balls that will be very supportive for the beginner players.

how to play golf for beginners

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